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Reny®SRH0101 (tentative name) -Plant Based Material-

October 27, 2010

Reny® is a generic name of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical's polyamide-based molding materials.
  Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics developed a material for injection molding which is mainly composed by a plant-based high heat-resistance polyamide that newly created by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical. Marketing has also started. Conventional high-strength of Reny® is also preserved, and can be used in conditions which heat resistance, low water absorbability, and toughness are required.
  To meet many types of requirement, we are planning a various grade expansion in future.


    Reny®SRH0101 (tentative name) have following features.
  •  ①Glass fiber 50% filled plant-based polyamide (Unlike a biodegradable resin, it will not degrade in the environment.)
  •  ②High crystallinity polyamide which melting point is over 280℃, and high physicality retention even in a high temperature over 100℃.
  •  ③Very low water absorption rate in polyamide. Physicality degradation and dimension change when water absorbing is very small.
  •  ④Low specific weight, high impact strength and high deflection temperature under load, compared to the conventional Reny®.

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Product Info.

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Basic Properties