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Management Plan EVOLVE2018

MEP Strategy (1)

To expand Highly Value-added Grades

To achieve innovative product development and market development

To catch customers' needs, find market seeds globally,and provide solution to them

MEP Strategy (1)

MEP Strategy (2)

To attain sustainable growth

To strengthen adaptability/resistance
against drastic business environment changes worldwide

To strengthen competitiveness of our total supply chain

MEP Strategy (2)

EVOLVE2018 Management Targets

Sales Target(Consolidated, Y2018)

  • Highly Value-added Grades100 billion JPY
  • Total                                    240 billion JPY

Product Info.

  • ポリカーボネート樹脂(PC樹脂)ユーピロンノバレックスザンター
  • ポリブチレン テレフタレート樹脂 (PBT樹脂) ノバデュラン
  • ポリアセタール樹脂(POM樹脂)ユピタール
  • 変性ポリフェニレン エーテル樹脂(m-PPE樹脂)ユピエースレマロイ
  • 高性能ポリアミド樹脂(PA樹脂)レニー
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