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Polycarbonate and Special Polyamide for LDS (Laser Direct Structuring) Technology

Reny LDS Grade Features,Benefits,Examples

LDS technology
The degree of freedom of design by three-dimensional, and circuit formation onto the structural component
- Can also be applied to small surfaces and thin-walled products
→ to contribute to the reduction and weight reduction of the number of parts

· 100μm width can make the following line spacing → contribute to the miniaturization
Reny LDS Grade

1002PS : Good appearance, high rigidity (more 13GPa)
XHP1002: High heat resistance(melting point 290℃),bio-base polymer used


 Suitable to produce injection-molded MIDs for the LDS technology developed by LPKF Laser & Electronics AG.
 High strength & high modulus.

Realization of 3D electrical circuitry on a plastic part


The values described are typical values only.

Processing informaition


Reny is supplied in special bag that preveerts moisture absorption during storage and transportation.
Basically, predrying is not necessary prior to molding if the bag has just been opened.

However,Reny absords moisture gradually when exposed to air,so the predrying process should be applied to pellets that have been left unused at least one hour after opening the bag.

The recommended predrying condition is 80℃/12hrs in a dry oven.
A hopper-dryer is recommended during the molding process.

Recommended Molding Condition


Product Info.

  • ポリカーボネート樹脂(PC樹脂)ユーピロンノバレックスザンター
  • ポリブチレン テレフタレート樹脂 (PBT樹脂) ノバデュラン
  • ポリアセタール樹脂(POM樹脂)ユピタール
  • 変性ポリフェニレン エーテル樹脂(m-PPE樹脂)ユピエースレマロイ
  • 高性能ポリアミド樹脂(PA樹脂)レニー
Basic Properties
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