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Reny® thermal conductive grades

February 22, 2013

Reny® is a proprietary molding compound based on mainly polyamide MXD6 that has been reinforced with glass fiber, carbon fiber or special minerals. Reny® generally has superior mechanical strength and modulus compared with other engineering plastics.

Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corp. developed thermal conductive grades which preserves high strength and high modulus as same as conventional grades of Reny®.

To satisfy any customer requirements, we are planning a various grade expansion in the future.


Reny 2547T: 2W/m・K, electro-insulative, flame retardant, white color
Reny C5091TS: 7W/m・K, electro-conductive, high strength & modulus, high heat resistance

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Product Info.

  • ポリカーボネート樹脂(PC樹脂)ユーピロンノバレックスザンター
  • ポリブチレン テレフタレート樹脂 (PBT樹脂) ノバデュラン
  • ポリアセタール樹脂(POM樹脂)ユピタール
  • 変性ポリフェニレン エーテル樹脂(m-PPE樹脂)ユピエースレマロイ
  • 高性能ポリアミド樹脂(PA樹脂)レニー
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