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Basic Properties
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Iupital is a copolymer-type acetal resin produced with our proprietary manufacturing process. Used in a wide range of industries, Iupital is ideal for precision machinery, automobile, OA and electronics applications.

Special features:

  • Well-balanced mechanical properties and high fatigue resistance
  • Excellent anticreep properties
  • Excellent low friction and anti-wear properties
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • High oil and organic chemical resistance
  • Excellent thermal stability in molding

Product Info.

  • ポリカーボネート樹脂(PC樹脂)ユーピロンノバレックスザンター
  • ポリブチレン テレフタレート樹脂 (PBT樹脂) ノバデュラン
  • ポリアセタール樹脂(POM樹脂)ユピタール
  • 変性ポリフェニレン エーテル樹脂(m-PPE樹脂)ユピエースレマロイ
  • 高性能ポリアミド樹脂(PA樹脂)レニー
Basic Properties
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