This is an eco-friendly, high-purity product that is manufactured using a chlorine-free polymerization process.

  • It is lightweight and features excellent dimension stability, thermal stability, and mechanical and electrical properties.
    ⇒It possesses the same characteristics as general-grade PC.
  • Control of polymer side chains makes the material suitable for extrusion molding.
    ⇒It possesses low viscosity in the extruder and high viscosity during die molding.
  • Excellent extrusion moldability
    ⇒High melt tension reduces drawdown during extrusion. Excellent shape stability obtainable even for complex cross-sectional shapes.
  • Conforms to countries’ food sanitation standards.  BgVV (DE), FDA (US), FHL (JP)
    ⇒Our products have been used in Europe and other countries.
PC (Iupilon™/NOVAREX™) Grade for Blow Molding Features