Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation (MEP) strives to enhance the quality of everything (qualities of management, organization, technology, sales development, employees, products, production facilities, and information) in a competitively significant and timely manner in an effort to create valuable products and services that meet global needs through its manufacturing and sales activities in the engineering plastics business and maintain its social responsibility and existence value in a lasting manner.

Moreover, we recognize the significance of conserving the global environment to pass the rich living environment and nature on to the next generation and act with due consideration to the conservation of the global environment with a focus on the preventing environmental pollution and protecting the environment as we deliver socially-reliable products and services.

MEP will address Responsible Care (RC) in every business activity it undertakes and make ongoing efforts to realize a sustainable development society by securing human health and security and conserving the environment as a comprehensive engineering plastics manufacturer trusted by both our customers and society as a whole.

Q, E, and RC Integrated Slogan

M/E/P of Quality

  • Company where employees are motivated to work
  • Company that is considerate of the environment
  • Company that contributes to social prosperity

Aiming to become such a company, let's enhance the quality of everything (qualities of management, organization, technology, sales development, employees, products, production facilities, and information).

Guidelines for Action

  • MEP will identify the quality, environmental, and safety factors that have an impact on its production activities and make continuous improvements on an integrated management system, employing customer/quality-centered and technology-driven value addition approaches, with an eye toward globalization.
  • MEP will consider the life cycle of products in all business activities within the company (R&D, purchasing, production, logistics, sales, and technical services), implement preliminary safety and environmental assessments at the R&D stage, and make efforts to secure trust from society including customers, prevent environmental pollution, respond to changes in the global environment, and implement safety measures to ensure security and the prevention of disaster.
  • MEP will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our products and business activities, keep promises to our customers and local communities, and establish and abide by our voluntary control standards.
  • At MEP, each department shall set specific objectives that reflect each role, join forces with one another to achieve the objectives by leveraging the PDCA cycle, and raise quality and environmental levels.
  • MEP will ensure that every employee is kept informed of this policy.
  • MEP will disclose not only product information related to environment and safety, but also other information via every possible means including its official website.