In FY2023-2024, MEP India Pvt. Ltd. conducted Corporate Social Responsibility activity (CSR Activity) in both Delhi and Chennai, where we have our offices.

We would like to share the summary as follows.

November 22, 2023 in Delhi

We selected a school from RPVV/SOSE schools which are run by Government of Delhi. Around 550 students at junior high school and high school ages are studying there. The RPVV/SOSE schools are known as top government schools by achieving the most difficult universities and winning various awards/rankings. In addition to normal academics, the school puts efforts on foreign language class as well, including Japanese language.

This time, as CSR activity, we donated set of rucksacks and stationary kits to all the students.

January 8, 2024 in Chennai

We selected a unique self-sufficient organization “Worth Trust” which was established in 1963 and has operated as production center and rehabilitation training center for the differently abled/ physically challenged.

In the production center where the people who are trained in-house are employed, they generate revenue by light engineering and supplying Plastics Injection Molding Industrial units to major Industries in Automotive, Engineering and Home appliances sectors.

The surplus of the revenue generated after covering all operating expenses is utilized for the rehabilitation training center activities, such as training and skill development of the differently- abled boys and girls, Special school for speech and hearing-impaired children, Day care center for children with mental disabilities and retardation, and Early Intervention Centers for children with various disabilities. Around 110 children are learning here.

This time, as CSR activity, we donated special chairs and educational materials for the usage in the rehabilitation training center. The chairs will support the children to stabilize and focus on the trainings, and the educational materials will be used to develop their various abilities.